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Since December 2001 (2nd edition 2004) the book "The Individual Sound of the Voice - its message, its action" is available as an introduction to the "Nada-Brahma System". This book provides information about the importance of the human voice as a reflection of the personality structure as well as its crucial importance in the interplay between emotions and body. It also gives information on possible (self)-therapy applications of the "Nada-Brahma System".


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ISBN 3-00-008794-X (deutsch)
„Der individuelle Klang der Stimme - seine Botschaft, seine Wirkung“


: 16,35 Euro

ISBN 3-00-013800-5 (englisch)
„The individual sound of the voice -its message, its action"


: 16,35 Euro

ISBN 3-00-013799-8 (französisch)
„Le son individuel de la voix - son message, son action"


:  16,35 Euro

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