Rhythmic exercises

Using your own voice is the central characteristic of the "Nada-Brahma-System.” The numerous rhythmic exercises, taught by Dr. Mukunda, are effective not through physical movements, but through spoken talas (phonetic syllables, taken from the Indian rhythm theory) in combination with mudras (hands and finger movements). Coordination and the power of concentration are notably enhanced by utilizing these methods.

Click here for an audio sample:

Did we arouse your curiosity? Then, all you need to do is download the Indivocal music therapy rhythmic exercises. The complete package (30 tracks in MP3-format, including a PDF-file) costs € 15. (Currently, the download is only available in German).


Track 1 contains a brief introduction to the rhythmic exercises. From track 2 onwards, instructions are given for each exercise. The track immediately following, contains the practical exercise. For a detailed description of the exercises, see the PDF-file included in the download (it is currently only available German). And don’t forget to download the free Mudras (the accompanying hands and finger movements)!

How to order:

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